how we got started.

After fifteen years of climbing the corporate ladder, role-playing negotiations for raises and promotions, growing corporate teams and juggling office politics; I quit. I had accepted a dream position at a large real estate company in the hippest part of town. Offered more money than I had ever received before. And felt empty.

I wasn’t in the role long. Corner office with glass walls overlooking prestige, money and I found myself wanting to be somewhere else. It nagged at me for days. After working in new home sales, marketing assistant to the director of private and public home building companies and an award-winning creative agency, I wanted to do what I was good at – and be a great mom. Can’t I have it all?

In a moment I call my “mid-life crisis”, I reached out to people that I had built deep friendships and working relationships with to talk about working with me if I was on my own. You know what I heard? “What took you so long?!?!?”  With that, I started Colorado Modern Communication. We focus on small businesses in real estate, automotive, restaurant, government, and construction industries to help communicate. Simply.

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