IQ and EQ.

We’ve heard the argument: Which is better – IQ or EQ? Is it better to be smarter or emotionally intelligent?

They are equally important. I started thinking more and more about this younger people. I can pinpoint the moment where I was at a distinct disadvantage with EQ. I skipped grades, I was younger than my peers. While my IQ was inline with my new friends, my EQ felt stunted.

It’s taken me over 30 years to realize and understand it. The importance of EQ was thrust back into my life when my oldest tested for Gifted and Talented this past year. As a parent, I want my kid to be a kid! Get dirty, break something. When you are or have a kid that is a high achiever, it’s difficult to stop going… pushing yourself… wanting to be #1. Now that I have created a high achieving child (in academics, athletics and philosophy), it’s never been more clear to me the importance of both IQ and EQ.

EQ is the emotional quotient. How do you relate to people? Can you assess and keep in check your emotions? How do you communicate? Have you checked your ego? How can you be a good person?  All of these questions come to play. Being smart is one thing… but empathy is another.

My next stepping stone is to take my American Mensa membership to its fullest advantage. How can I mentor and facilitate a place for high achieving kids to practice empathy and understanding? I’ll update as I go!

Any advice for me?  Please email me!

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