The Shapeshifter

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.


When looking inward to find the archetype of Colorado Modern Communication, one particularly stands out. The Shapeshifter: A chameleon at heart, the Shapeshifter can move in and out of any situation with ease and style. Sometimes acting as a catalyst to help others get past their obstacles, the Shapeshifter challenges them to question their assumptions and beliefs. Changing roles and personality characteristics are hallmarks of this archetype. The Shapeshifter is highly adept at molding into whatever a given situation requires in order to energetically move people and circumstances toward greater understanding or resolve.

Derived from Jung’s concepts of the animus (male element in the female unconscious) and the anima (the female element in the male unconscious), the Shapeshifter is a symbol for the psychological drive to transform. Stirring up repressed energies, the Shapeshifter can force what is hidden into the light of day.

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