The Millennial Homebuyer

While I am one of the last years in the millennial market segment, I did not fit in that millennial box. I spend about four hours a day in the car – in between partner meetings – and extracurricular activities. I would be open to driving upwards of 45 minutes to an event that I thought was interesting.

What have I learned about marketing to the younger millennial segment? They don’t drive! What?! Literally, they don’t have a car. They are looking for homes that are near entertainment hubs, access to transportation, and communities with a sense of belonging.

We must go to where this market is. I am excited to partner with Highland Development Company’s West Line Village to bring an education event to Denver’s Milk Market.

This market segment needs to know why they should buy; that they don’t need $10,000 to buy a house; they can increase your personal wealth with real estate, and they can get a roommate to pay their mortgage.

I am looking forward to seeing how the results will be when we go to them. We can’t expect them to come to us.

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