The Millennial Homebuyer

While I am one of the last years in the millennial market segment, I did not fit in that millennial box. I spend about four hours a day in the car – in between partner meetings – and extracurricular activities. I would be open to driving upwards of 45 minutes to an event that I thought was interesting.

What have I learned about marketing to the younger millennial segment? They don’t drive! What?! Literally, they don’t have a car. They are looking for homes that are near entertainment hubs, access to transportation, and communities with a sense of belonging.

We must go to where this market is. I am excited to partner with Highland Development Company’s West Line Village to bring an education event to Denver’s Milk Market.

This market segment needs to know why they should buy; that they don’t need $10,000 to buy a house; they can increase your personal wealth with real estate, and they can get a roommate to pay their mortgage.

I am looking forward to seeing how the results will be when we go to them. We can’t expect them to come to us.

Real Estate Partnerships

It’s been a great start to 2019 with three new partnerships! As we continue to work with TRI Pointe Homes, Epic Homes and the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver, we are thrilled to add Highland Development Company and DIRC Homes to our real estate portfolio.

Automotive Partnerships

We are thrilled to add TSG Auto, a local Parker automotive dealership, to our portfolio. We are driving lower cost leads to the dealership via social media channels and working on OTT streaming services.

Goodbye, 2018!

I am so excited for 2019. Don’t get me wrong, 2018 was amazing; I am ready for all the partnerships and challenges coming my way.

From commercial real estate to transit-oriented developers, to private equity partners, to social impact firms – we are thrilled to be jumping into 2019 ready to rock.

The Shapeshifter

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.


When looking inward to find the archetype of Colorado Modern Communication, one particularly stands out. The Shapeshifter: A chameleon at heart, the Shapeshifter can move in and out of any situation with ease and style. Sometimes acting as a catalyst to help others get past their obstacles, the Shapeshifter challenges them to question their assumptions and beliefs. Changing roles and personality characteristics are hallmarks of this archetype. The Shapeshifter is highly adept at molding into whatever a given situation requires in order to energetically move people and circumstances toward greater understanding or resolve.

Derived from Jung’s concepts of the animus (male element in the female unconscious) and the anima (the female element in the male unconscious), the Shapeshifter is a symbol for the psychological drive to transform. Stirring up repressed energies, the Shapeshifter can force what is hidden into the light of day.

Mid-Year Partner Update

What a summer it has been! I have been blessed to have the best partners – continuing to communicate simply and grow their businesses.

TRI Pointe Homes Colorado: As of this last week, TRI Pointe has surpassed 200 net sales in the Denver Metro market. Our goal is to continue organic growth in this market. This partnership has been so fun and seamless.


Ohana Grille Denver: I am so proud of this partnership! Our grassroots social marketing has been staggering. If you want Denver’s best hawaiian-fusion, Ohana Grille is where it’s at.

dragon boat festival-square

Epic Homes: I am so honored to be a part of Epic Homes. To date, this woman-owned homebuilding company has surpassed 30 plus new home sales in Arvada and Broomfield. So many exciting things on the horizon!


US Fence Solutions: My first national partnership, so I value this one on another level. Working on mission, vision, core values, logo, tags and tone – with a full asset redesign coming soon.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 10.01.07 AM

Springs Automotive Group: Obviously biased for this family-owned car dealership. It has been fulfilling to help with marketing, design and digital growth.


Shear Bella Salon and Spa: I love that Nichole has faith in me! On and off for seven years, we’ve been partnering in design, marketing, photography and social media for her salon. If you are looking for Parker’s best salon – Shear Bella is it!

IMG_0434 2

Split Rail Fence: Giving a local fencing company a new look has been so rewarding. Currently, we are building business for their recently opened Colorado Springs yard, and Northern Colorado yard. To date, we’ve completed a full brand repositioning, new internal assets, exterior “Builder Brochure”, and three direct mailers.


Parade of Homes Denver: 2018 marks my third year with the Parade of Homes Denver, and I am excited for the years to come! We are boasting 75 homes in the HBA’s 75th Anniversary.


What’s new with me? I have been appointed to the Gifted and Talented Advisory Council for Douglas County Schools for the 2018-2019 school year. I plan to continue of the Professional Women in Building and Young Leaders Councils for the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver. The Parade of Homes starts in two weeks!

Putting it into perspective.

I had the pleasure of attending a Monday morning rally with Ronda Conger, hosted by the Sales + Marketing Council of the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver. I was feeling good, even though I had to drive an hour to Downtown Denver on a Monday morning. Ronda was like a ray of sunshine. This video is what stuck with me the most.

We are alive. Act like it.

Another great Monday (or any day) attitude-adjuster is asking “what are you focused on?” Write down the 30 things that you are grateful for…

What Are You Focusing On PDF


Creating content + my favs!

When managing multiple social campaigns, it’s crucial to have the ability to create content for a client. See some of my favorites with my favorite clients! In today’s rapid response climate – affordable, authentic media is crucial! Enjoy a couple pics from Shear Bella Salon, TRI Pointe Homes – Colorado, Ohana Grille and Springs Automotive Group.


IQ and EQ.

We’ve heard the argument: Which is better – IQ or EQ? Is it better to be smarter or emotionally intelligent?

They are equally important. I started thinking more and more about this younger people. I can pinpoint the moment where I was at a distinct disadvantage with EQ. I skipped grades, I was younger than my peers. While my IQ was inline with my new friends, my EQ felt stunted.

It’s taken me over 30 years to realize and understand it. The importance of EQ was thrust back into my life when my oldest tested for Gifted and Talented this past year. As a parent, I want my kid to be a kid! Get dirty, break something. When you are or have a kid that is a high achiever, it’s difficult to stop going… pushing yourself… wanting to be #1. Now that I have created a high achieving child (in academics, athletics and philosophy), it’s never been more clear to me the importance of both IQ and EQ.

EQ is the emotional quotient. How do you relate to people? Can you assess and keep in check your emotions? How do you communicate? Have you checked your ego? How can you be a good person?  All of these questions come to play. Being smart is one thing… but empathy is another.

My next stepping stone is to take my American Mensa membership to its fullest advantage. How can I mentor and facilitate a place for high achieving kids to practice empathy and understanding? I’ll update as I go!

Any advice for me?  Please email me!

Ask a MIRM

In the Nov/Dec issue of Sales + Marketing Ideas magazine, several new home sales and marketing experts who hold the MIRM (Master In Residential Marketing) designation weigh in on what you need to know to be ready for 2018.
ASK A MIRM: What should new home sales and marketing professionals be ready for in 2018?


Lauren Karsh, MIRM: The main focus for homebuilders in 2018 is an authentic voice and lead generation in social media. Social will begin to serve as a publishing outlet, not just a sharing platform. Why would our homebuying demographic leave their favorite social apps when they can get all the content they want in one place? Next, highly targeted ads for lead generation have proven effective and simple for homebuilders, reducing the number of clicks to a homebuilder’s website. Social channels offer a way to get in front of our demographic where they are with an authentic voice.”
Lauren Karsh, MIRM, CMP
Colorado Modern Communication –
Parker, Colo.

To read the full article, download the Sales + Marketing Ideas app on iTunes…/sales-marketing-id…/id1225615012… or GooglePlay….

2018: The Year of Communication

As I sat down to write down my goals for the new year, one theme kept emerging. In business, in marketing, at home, with children, and with strangers. It’s all about the communication. I look back on the year and realize how many things could have been solved quicker (or simpler) with good communication.

I took my kids out to lunch for the New Year and asked them what they wanted to continue doing or stop doing for 2018.  My oldest said she wanted to stop being bossy (and stop the negative communication).  My youngest said she wanted to be a better friend (and continue better communication).

Me? I wanted to stop cussing when I’m driving… seriously.  More importantly, I wanted to be transparent, authentic and honest – which may include “no”.  “No” to the wrong business partners, “no” to overscheduling and “no” to things I don’t agree with.

I saw an AdAge article about Facebook saying “no” to dark post advertising.  They want transparency in their paid ads, authenticity and honesty.  A lot of this comes from politics – but the public will be able to see who is paying for Facebook ads.  There has been a wave of agencies and clients that love dark posts.  I never have and I’m happy they are gone.


I guess in 2018, Facebook and I have something in common.




What a year it was.

Not all that wander are lost. I felt lost at the beginning of the year; where am I going? What’s my purpose? What will be my legacy?

It’s a scary process to really look inside yourself, past all the expectations of people around you, past the disappointment if you fail, and past the stereotypes of working moms. I hated that I had to choose between being really and truly available for my family and being away.

I have been reflecting on the last five months in particular. I am thankful this year happened. I am grateful to be in an industry of such talent; especially the women that make up the Professional Women in Building and the young talent of the Young Leaders Council.

I am grateful that my family can rely on me for sick days, days off, cheering from the stands and volunteering. I am happier.

I am thankful that companies have put their trust in me as their communications partner. I am motivated.

As I am fueling up on black coffee, I am excited about 2018. Before I can move forward, I appreciate the past – the screw-ups, the accomplishments and the growth. Let the fire inside you be the light that guides you.

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