2018: The Year of Communication

As I sat down to write down my goals for the new year, one theme kept emerging. In business, in marketing, at home, with children, and with strangers. It’s all about the communication. I look back on the year and realize how many things could have been solved quicker (or simpler) with good communication.

I took my kids out to lunch for the New Year and asked them what they wanted to continue doing or stop doing for 2018.  My oldest said she wanted to stop being bossy (and stop the negative communication).  My youngest said she wanted to be a better friend (and continue better communication).

Me? I wanted to stop cussing when I’m driving… seriously.  More importantly, I wanted to be transparent, authentic and honest – which may include “no”.  “No” to the wrong business partners, “no” to overscheduling and “no” to things I don’t agree with.

I saw an AdAge article about Facebook saying “no” to dark post advertising.  They want transparency in their paid ads, authenticity and honesty.  A lot of this comes from politics – but the public will be able to see who is paying for Facebook ads.  There has been a wave of agencies and clients that love dark posts.  I never have and I’m happy they are gone.


I guess in 2018, Facebook and I have something in common.




I love Facebook Lead Ads.

When we get down to the nitty-gritty of business, it’s about quality leads. In home building, there was a time we would train to $700 per lead walking through the sales office door. We would spend big money in marketing before the downturn; TV, radio, print, billboards, direct mailer, and on and on and on.

I’ve been heavily involved with extensive marketing campaigns and there is one medium that I just love. Social. Specifically, Facebook Lead Ads. Often times, business owners and/or decision-makers believe an adequate social presence is regular posts and reputation management (and possibly direct customer care). While social post should be strategic, and regular; they should also be incorporated into the overall SEO plan.

More importantly, the ability to target – hyper pinpoint – your potential next lead is amazing. And cheap. And easy for the user. We have delivered high-quality leads to a home builder in the South for $7 – through Facebook. Any industry can do it. A restaurant partner of ours had their Grand Opening – and sold out both nights (obviously, not only due to social, but it helped).

Shoot us an email if you’d like to strategize on how this could work for your business!